Just for the record. A lot of people (that is, I) are having trouble with starting boinc_client without super-user priviledges. When trying to run

/usr/local/etc/rc.d/boinc start

an error is printed:

idprio: idprio: Operation not permitted

This is because the /usr/local/etc/rc.d/boinc uses idprio to set the idle priority of boinc_client to the lowest possible. See for yourself:

idprio 31 su - ${boinc_user} -c "${program_path} ${boinc_flags} >/dev/null &"

Now, notice the fact that the boinc_client itself is not run under root priviledges. Here, su is used to switch to whatever is set by the ${boinc_user} variable – by default, it happens to be boinc.

So, how do you run boinc_client? Why, under root, of course. Not directly though, but by executing this boinc start script.

Hint: the home directory of user boinc is /var/db/boinc/. See for yourself: try

sudo su boinc

Setting up BOINC is described nicely here.

P.S. They should put the Get up-to-date ports tree! sentence in bold, though.


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