Marked socks

As I was sitting and sorting all my black socks so that they match, I thought one of those ubiquitous geekish clothing shops should offer custom-marked socks, just as they offer custom-painted T-shirts. With a different symbol on each pair of socks you would never again have to try and match 17 socks into pairs.

Believe me, that’s a headache, and an awful waste of time.

In case you were wondering – no, one can’t just wear a random pair of socks. We’re geeks, not nerds.

Then, when the sorting was nearing the end, I wondered if we could make a distributed computing project that would group socks. Utilizing a certain neural network, perhaps…

On the other hand, there’s always artsy folk who have one (at least) bottle of paint, one (at least) paintbrush and some (at least) D.I.Y. attitude.


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