ASIO4ALL and Realtek HD Audio

I was ripping a few vinyls this morning (using Wind0ws and Cool Edit), and couldn’t figure out why the output was so bad. It was all muddy, the highs were dull and sounded like they were cut off. Overall, it looked like a sampling problem.

I tried different settings for ASIO4ALL, tried installing new audio drivers… Nothing helped.

Then I opened Realtek’s HD sound effect manager. There were no effects set, that I had checked before. What I didn’t check was the “Microphone” tab. It had “Noise Suppression” switched on.

And I wasted an hour trying to figure that out. What a piece of shitty software.

P.S. In case you’re having the same problem, a good indication that “Noise Suppression” is on is that when recording a stereo signal you get mono.


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