libGLU.a missing on FreeBSD

It’s a GL Utility static library that’s not provided neither by the freeglut, nor the libglut ports. Yet it’s required to build boinc_example and other boinc-related graphics.

One possible solution is using MesaGL. (It’s available in packages on Linuxes, by the way.)

Download MesaLib from SourceForge. Extract to your favourite source directory.

From here, compiling linux-static works well, but then hangs during make install (I don’t save the exact line on which it does, sorry. But it was the stage where it checks all the directories in order to copy the files.) You can copy the static libraries form the lib dir manually.

An alternative would be to provide an option to run make freebsd-static.

What I did is:

< # Configuration for generic Linux, making static libs
> # Configuration for generic FreeBSD, making static libs
> # Written by cy on 2008-04-23.
> include $(TOP)/configs/freebsd
< config_name =" linux-static">
> CONFIG_NAME = freebsd-static


cd configs
cp linux-static freebsd-static
patch freebsd-static ../freebsd-static.diff
cd ..

Then edit Makefile and add freebsd-static to Rules section.

That’s it.

make freebsd-static
sudo make install


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