FreeBSD and Gnome: setting locale to UTF-8

There’s a good manual among the first results of Google. Read it thoroughly and don’t skip anything.

For example,

ls -d /usr/share/locale/*.UTF-8

lists locales available on your system. Mine somehow didn’t have en_US.UTF-8, which I was trying to set.

As for the gnome part, locale support is currently somewhat broken(TM), as stated in


This, by the way, is also the file to edit to set your locale. It didn’t work for me, though, so I just set it in /etc/profile, as suggested in the manual.

Note that this adds locale support, and you can create new files with Unicode symbols in their names. But it doesn’t guarantee you’ll be able to read files with the “Windows Unicode” encoding.

(Yes, that was the punchline.)


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