Stale dependency: fusefs-kmod

Edit: you can also read this <dead link>.

I now get this every time I want to do portversion. Caught it after updating the ports CVS (ports-sysutils, to be precise), followed by skipping the installation of libgweather dirtily (which is vaguely related in this case).

But I can’t install fusefs-kmod. The reason is that in the Makefile, a check is made to see whether


exists. If not, it complains about userland sources not being installed.

The problem was “introduced” in this discussion. (It solved someone’s trouble all right.)

I don’t know why the heck so many applications that had a dependency on fusefs-kmod (a kernel module for FuseFS-based file systems) passed without installing it on the system.

Anyway, I “fixed” it with

portdb -F

then deleting the stale dependency.


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