Running EclipseTrader on FreeBSD

Both EclipseTrader websites seem to be somewhat laking in documentation, so it was kind of hard. There’re no directions as to how to install ET like RSSOwl have, and with all the various ways to create an Eclipse project, you’re kind of left in the dark. Anyway, to the point.

First, I had the Eclipse IDE (eclipse-devel port) installed. Then, I made sure I had a clean open perspective. I then even restarted the IDE and checked the Plug-ins (Window -> Show View… -> Other… -> PDE -> Plug-ins) had no errors or what not.

Then just:

File -> Import… -> Existing projects into workspace -> From project archive file…

And that’s it. Just build it (if you have “Build automatically” set, “Build” will be grayed out), then run it:

Run -> Open run dialog…


  1. Run a product: net.sourceforge.eclipsetrader.product
  2. Plug-ins tab:
  • Check “Workspace”
  • Uncheck “Target platform”
  • Click “Add Required Plug-ins”

Apply, run.

Now, this might seem really simple, but without any instructions, it’s somewhat of a hell if you installed Eclipse yesterday. I was getting all sorts of funky errors, like not being able to initialize its Feed and HistoryFeed classes when trying to load a chart, etc..


An alternative way would be to check out from SVN. (You’ll need subclipse to use that from Eclipse IDE.) See this message in the forum for instructions, and the reply to it for the SVN address.


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