fusefs-kmod error and installing FreeBSD userland sources

That error of fusefs-kmod that I mentioned earlier,

% portinstall -P fusefs-kmod
[Gathering depends for sysutils/fusefs-kmod .......... done]
** Port marked as IGNORE: sysutils/fusefs-kmod:
requires the userland sources to be installed. Set SRC_BASE if it is not in /usr/src

Obviously, the right way to go is to install the userland sources. Use sysinstall for that, go to Configure->Distributions->src->

There, select what you need, you don’t need everything for fusefs-kmod. I selected:

  • bin
  • etc
  • include
  • lib
  • libexec
  • sbin
  • share
  • sys (actually, already had this)
  • usr.bin
  • usr.sbin

It’s 200 MB, of which 120 MB is sys (the kernel source). I had the FreeBSD CD, so it didn’t take long.


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