WordPress resolves wrong hostname

As mentioned in the erlier post, I moved to a new host. First, I set WordPress set up on geektivities.host.com and checked that it worked. It did indeed, amazingly smooth.

Then I decided to park/bind/set (what’s the mkaying term?) the normal second-level domain. That’s where trouble started.

First off, the hosting provider has two mechanisms to do that.

Second, after I’ve set up geektivities.com and waited for the DNS entries to propagate, I tested the geektivities.com/geek/, and – surprisingly – got a redirect to geektivities.host.com/geek/, which:

1) is annoying;
2) didn’t really exist at this point anymore due to the hosting provider’s server configuration, so you couldn’t really get any useful messages;
3) which, again, is annoying.

So what’s the problem?

Turned out, WordPress must be doing some sort of domain name resolution during the installation process (through wp-config.php), which is then written to the MySQL database. So the misresolved address isn’t in your directory structure, don’t go grepping.

What did I do then?

1) I could still get back to the old address, geektivities.host.com, so I did that.
2) I could now access my blog at geektivities.host.com/geek, so I went to the admin control panel and exported my blog entries to an XWR file;
3) moved the ./geek/ directory to ./geek.backup/;
4) reverted back from geektivities.host.com to geektivities.com;
5) extracted WordPress to ./geek, set it up, uploaded the saved XWR file, copied the theme and plugins from ./geek.backup/ to ./geek/;
6) had a smoke.

I just wasted a whole day fudging around with this. G-wiz.


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