Console RSS news reader

I was looking for one today, and only found these three:

Raggle – written in Ruby, last version dates 2004, feeds-articles-content layout common to graphical aggregators.
Snownews – a simple list layout.
Newsbeuter – very much like mutt in layout.

All three support some sort of filtering/grouping; and importing/exporting OPML.

Here’s the memory usage:

36264 user 1 96 0 24100K 19852K select 0:12 0.00% ruby
36506 user 1 5 0 14388K 10632K ttyin 0:07 0.00% newsbeuter
35062 user 1 5 0 6728K 3664K ttyin 0:00 0.00% snownews

Other notes:

  • Snownews doesn’t support Atom. The other two do.
  • Snownews and Raggle have feed encoding conversion problems, at least on my machine. Newsbeuter doesn’t.
  • Snownews and Raggle can be run under cygwin. Don’t know about Newsbeuter.

One Comment

  1. Posted August 18, 2008 at 8:22 am | Permalink | Reply

    cygwin doesn’t provide a wide-charater variant of ncurses. That’s why it’s not so easy to compile newsbeuter on cygwin. If it was easier, I would provide a cygwin-based Win32 port, as newsbeuter is e.g. very well usable by blind people.

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