Thunderbird->mutt, sendmail->postfix (FreeBSD)

So, decided to make a switch.

As always, refer to the Handbook first. Here’s an excerpt from one of the pages:

FreeBSD ships with sendmail by default, responsible for receiving incoming mail as well as delivering outgoing mail. It is not responsible for the collection of mail using protocols such as POP or IMAP to read your email, nor does it allow connecting to local mbox or Maildir mailboxes.

So, I installed fetchmail (handbook section). That covers mail collection.

What about sending?

Well, it worked pretty well with sendmail, until I wanted SSL-encrypted connections to the POP3 server, so that the password wasn’t sent in plain text. (At least that’s what I think all the fuss is about. Do correct me if I’m wrong in my ignorance.)

Turned out SSL wasn’t compiled in.

I could do that, and probably should have, but at that point I read some discussions about sendmail’s insecurities, and decided I should switch to postfix.

Anyway, this whole thing ended up real bollockey. Postfix had trouble reading my self-signed certificate, not sure what was the cause.

Here’s some valuable links I came accross:

The directory for certificates is (I think) /usr/local/share/certs/.


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