Lynx doesn’t display some Unicode characters properly

For me, it’s the Lithuanian ą, č, ę, ė and their uppercases. Funny enough, the rest of these characters were displayed OK.

It’s easy to find on Google that this is because of lynx having been compiled against ncurses, whereas you would need ncursesw (with wide character support).

Modify /usr/ports/www/lynx/Makefile to have

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-screen=ncursesw --with-zlib --libdir="${L_LIB}" \
--enable-nsl-fork --enable-persistent-cookies \

instead of

CONFIGURE_ARGS+=--with-screen=ncurses --with-zlib --libdir="${L_LIB}" \
--enable-nsl-fork --enable-persistent-cookies \


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