Short note on reading Usenet newsgroups in FreeBSD

A very simple setup is tin (usenet client) + leafnode (lightweight newsgroup server/proxy). You could even use just tin.

Leafnode has its own mechanism on fetching news articles (called fetchnews). It won’t fetch news from groups you haven’t shown interest in (haven’t opened/read). Which bugs me somewhat, since there are some groups I’m interested in, but which have really rare posts. So if there are no posts, I don’t open them, leafnode thinks I’m not interested, and when news do appear, leafnode doesn’t fetch them. Vicious circle.

So I might consider adding suck or something similar to the line: make it tin + leafnode + suck.

Another option I’ve considered is using inn instead of leafode. That might be a valuable experience, since inn is rich in features. But in reality, I don’t need its horsepower.


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