Notes: setting up on Koolu

I’ve gotten my Koolu WE Appliance (which is actually just an Ion 603 with a sticker, a hard drive and Ubuntu pre-installed) box some time ago. I intend to use it as a home server/gateway. With FreeBSD, of course.

One issue was getting a display for it. The box I’ve got has a standard VGA input, so I traded in a pair of pants for an old PC with a monitor. That solved it.

Then a keyboard – bought the cheapest USB one possible. Could have used the PS/2, but I gave that away. Anyway, a USB keyboard works fine, no additional configuration needed.

To install FreeBSD, used the 7.0 bootonly image, which was written to a USB stick using from the BSD forums. The final size of the image was 40 Mb. Then I just plugged the network cable into Koolu, and did a netinstall.


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