Setting up Freemail with postfix and fetchmail

This was done on FreeBSD, bud should work elsewhere.

1. Freemail server.

First off, get Freemail and do what the manual tells you to do:

freemail% java -jar freemail.jar --newaccount thedude
freemail% java -jar freemail.jar --passwd thedude lebowski
freemail% java -jar freemail.jar --shortaddress thedude dude

Then, if your Freemail server is on a separate machine, edit the globalconfig file and change the IPs your server maps to.

I advise you start Freemail in foreground, this way you’ll have the error output right in front of you all the time:

freemail% java -jar Freemail.jar

2. Postfix.

Go to your postfix server’s /usr/local/etc/postfix/. If you’ve used it before, you should already have

smtp_sasl_auth_enable = yes
smtp_sasl_mechanism_filter = !plain, static:rest
smtp_sasl_password_maps = hash:/usr/local/etc/postfix/sasl_passwd

in If not, add it and restart the postfix daemons.

Then, edit your transport file. This will relay all mail ending in .freemail to the appropriate server.

# relay freemail to headcleaner
.freemail smtp:[]:3025

Note there are no tabs here. Don’t know if they’re allowed. I hope they are.

Rebuild your transport.db database with

postfix% sudo postmap ./transport

Add your password to sasl_passwd:

[]:3025 thedude:lebowski

Note the port number is there, too!

And rebuild sasl_passwd.db:

postfix% sudo postmap ./sasl_passwd

3. fetchmail.

Now, this part isn’t really good yet, since I haven’t figured out how to fetch mail from IMAP as if it were POP. The idea here is to retrieve all mail and flush it from the server.

Ayway, edit your ~/.fetchmailrc:

poll headcleaner with proto IMAP port 3143
user 'thedude' there with password 'lebowski' is dude here

Now if you issue

~% fetchmail -v headcleaner

you’ll see your messages there.

I’ll finish with proper configuring instructions later.

Sources: A useful article on testing SMTP ovet telnet.

Also, this discussion was useful.


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