Installing cl-opengl using clbuild on ArchLinux

cl-opengl is dependent on CFFI. CFFI, in return, is dependent on alexandria, babel, and trivial-features.

As said on this (Installation) CFFI page, it is better to use clbuild, not ASDF. Some notes why:

  • clbuild uses the latest version fetched from the repository, whereas ASDF (I think) uses tarballs;
  • you can’t get cl-opengl, and possibly other stuff, with ASDF: it can’t find the files on CLiki;
  • if you use ASDF to install CFFI (and, automatically, all its dependencies), you will also get some stuff you don’t need, like another copy of slime. Well, at least I did, I hope I’m dumb and it doesn’t happen to you. If you use clbuild, you’ll only get what you need.

So, I got cl-opengl with clbuild (in dir ‘clbuild’):

./clbuild install cl-opengl

Which gave me a source copy in source/cl-opengl and symlinks to .asd files in
systems/*.asd. I copied these links to /usr/lib/sbcl/site-systems, then
compiled it in SBCL’s REPL:

(require :cl-opengl)
<some stuff, search installing this stuff on mac osx on scroogle>


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  1. thandle
    Posted August 3, 2009 at 2:22 pm | Permalink | Reply

    As someone posted on the forums, cl-opengl is now in AUR, together with the entire dependency tree.

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