commands to FIFO

The list is on line 782 (ATM) of The FIFO location is determined by your settings (top of file for defaults, possibly overridden from config). It’s like this:

782     def parse_command(self, cmd):
783         '''Parse instructions from uzbl child processes.'''
785         # Commands ( [] = optional, {} = required )
786         # new [uri]
787         #   open new tab and head to optional uri.
788         # close [tab-num]
789         #   close current tab or close via tab id.
790         # next [n-tabs]
791         #   open next tab or n tabs down. Supports negative indexing.

So, to open a new tab in uzbl_tabbed from newsbeuter, you need a script like

echo "new $1" > `ls -1 /tmp/uzbltabbed_*`

Then call it from newsbeuter – put this in ~.newsbeuter/config:

browser "~/.local/share/uzbl/scripts/ %u"


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