ATmega168 documentation uses word addressing, avrdude uses byte addressing

I was programming USBaspBootloader into a metaboard with an Atmel AVR ATmega168 microcontroller. I always got this error:

usb 6-2: device descriptor read/64, error -71
usb 6-2: device not accepting address 21, error -71

1. USBaspBootloader’s Makefile specifies atmega168 and BOOTLOADER_ADDRESS=3800 by default. This is in hex addressing a byte, i.e. 0x3800. avrdude uses byte-addressing.

ATmega168 documentation refers to 0x1C00 as the bootloader address. This is in hex addressing a word. 0x3800 / 2 = 0x1C00.

So, when programming a bootloader using avrdude, USBaspLoader’s Makefile should have 3800 (the default), not 1C00.

2. bootloaderconfig.h has features enabled that make the bootloader too big (> 2K). I had to turm them off:


All of this was, of course, done under Linux.

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