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Blocking some DIV ad boxes with Privoxy

If you want to block one of those shiny-ass ads (think workplace sanitation), here’s a few simple one-liners. (Everything’s in /etc/privoxy.)

FILTER: div-ads DIV ad blocks.
s/<div id="banner_box"/<div id="crap" style="display:none;"/g

{ +filter{div-ads} }

Don’t forget to uncomment that actionsfile user.action from your config file.

Info lifted from here.


Tor on per-tab basis

I have just had this idea: since uzbl_tabbed.py in fact reads the config file for every new tab (i.e. every new uzbl instance), it should be very easy to allow tor be enabled on a per-tab basis, something I wanted badly for Firefox. Nais!

uzbl_tabbed.py: commands to FIFO

The list is on line 782 (ATM) of uzbl_tabbed.py. The FIFO location is determined by your settings (top of file for defaults, possibly overridden from config). It’s like this:

782     def parse_command(self, cmd):
783         '''Parse instructions from uzbl child processes.'''
785         # Commands ( [] = optional, {} = required )
786         # new [uri]
787         #   open new tab and head to optional uri.
788         # close [tab-num]
789         #   close current tab or close via tab id.
790         # next [n-tabs]
791         #   open next tab or n tabs down. Supports negative indexing.

So, to open a new tab in uzbl_tabbed from newsbeuter, you need a script like newtab.sh:

echo "new $1" > `ls -1 /tmp/uzbltabbed_*`

Then call it from newsbeuter – put this in ~.newsbeuter/config:

browser "~/.local/share/uzbl/scripts/newtab.sh %u"