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DWA-110 on FreeBSD: if_rum additions

It works. I’m using the rum driver for Host AP mode, so it actually sucks being me. Fact is, device is supported. I did get WPA2 up, following the Handbook.


product DLINK2 DWA110 0x3c07 DWA-110

to usbdevs and


to if_rum.c.


D-Link DWA-110 IDs

Here’s what sysctl says:

dev.ugen.1.%pnpinfo: vendor=0x07d1 product=0x3c07 devclass=0x00 devsubclass=0x00 release=0x0001 sernum=""

D-Link DWA-110 chip

I’ve opened up my DWA-110, it has a RT2571WF (Ralink) chip inside. Which gives us the RT5201USB chipset, according to this page and man rum.

By the way, I see the DWA-111 device ID having been added to the FreeBSD 7 CVS (rum driver). I’m pretty sure DWA-110 is supported, too. There’s an appropriate gap in the device ID list. (Can’t check it right now, since in Windows.)

Note on wireless networking, Windows XP SP2

Did set up an ad-hoc wireless network in Windows, using Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, driver version (released 13-03-2008), and D-Link DWA-110, driver version (released 14-05-2007). NOTE: the latter driver not present on main D-Link site, use the Australian instead.

Using vendor-specific software to manage wireless networks, not Windows-bundled.

So far WEP only, haven’t tried WPA.

No editing of specific wireless communication parameters (B/G filtering, ad hoc channel selection, etc.) was needed. NOTE: the Intel device, even when set channel 11 (default) in “Device Properties”, still tried to use channel 6 when connecting. This wasn’t visible in default Microsoft wireless connection management software, and was only made evident when using Intel’s own.