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Note on wireless networking, Windows XP SP2

Did set up an ad-hoc wireless network in Windows, using Intel PRO/Wireless 3945ABG, driver version (released 13-03-2008), and D-Link DWA-110, driver version (released 14-05-2007). NOTE: the latter driver not present on main D-Link site, use the Australian instead.

Using vendor-specific software to manage wireless networks, not Windows-bundled.

So far WEP only, haven’t tried WPA.

No editing of specific wireless communication parameters (B/G filtering, ad hoc channel selection, etc.) was needed. NOTE: the Intel device, even when set channel 11 (default) in “Device Properties”, still tried to use channel 6 when connecting. This wasn’t visible in default Microsoft wireless connection management software, and was only made evident when using Intel’s own.