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Transparent-background icons for Tor, Uzbl, Irssi

I made these from files available on the net.

tor onion icon

uzbl web broser logo

irssi irc client logo


Batch image resizing

My php script no longer works, it breaks on gd functions somehow.

So I use this Gimp script instead.

A PHP script to resize all images in a directory

This is a crude hack to resize images in a directory. The script is invoked as:

shrink <new_x> <new_y> <file> <file> <file> ...

You’ll need PHP with the GD library. That’s php5-gd on FreeBSD.

# The output is JPEG, quality 88.


// Fuction to resize images, originally by D. Weimer.
// Code reformatting done, and '>' changed to '<'.
// http://www.dweimer.net/?page=help&subpage=imageresize
function resize($img,$nx,$ny)
    // $x and $y: original image's sizes.
    $x = imagesx($img);
    $y = imagesy($img);

    // Here, $nx and $ny are the minimal desired dimensions.
    if ( ($x/$nx) < ($y/$ny) )
        $ny = round( $y * ($nx/$x) );
        $nx = round( $x * ($ny/$y) );

    $nimg = imagecreatetruecolor($nx,$ny);

$arguments = $_SERVER['argv'];          // What the user wants to process.
array_shift($arguments);                // 1st element is the path to the script itself.
$newx = array_shift($arguments);        // 2nd is the new desired x dimension.
$newy = array_shift($arguments);        // 3rd is new y.
                                        // all the remaining args are images.

foreach ( $arguments as $arg )          // Go over user's shown items (single or "heaps").
    foreach (glob("$arg") as $filename) // Go over every file in a "heap".
        $image = file_get_contents($filename);
        $image = imagecreatefromstring($image);

        $image = resize($image, $newx, $newy);

        imagejpeg( $image, $filename, 88 ); // WARNING!!! Writes JPEG by default!


I was too lazy to go searching for something pre-made.