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Freenet 0.7 on FreeBSD 7.0

First off, running with Sun’s JDK won’t work. I’ve tried 1.6, 1.5 has also been reported. It doesn’t work, since the process can’t bind to the configured IPs.

You have to run it using Diablo JDK. At the time of writing Diablo JDK 1.6 was already available, yet I used diablo-jdk15 from ports.

If you get an error like

Updating time zones...You have the same version as the embedded one.

when installing, you can try disabling the Timezone Update tool:

sudo make -DWITHOUT_TZUPDATE install

That’s about it. You can run Freenet.

But there’s a catch: to run in the background, Freenet needs a wrapper. There is no wrapper for FreeBSD right now, of which you will be informed upon running freenet/run.sh start. Luckily, if you have Linux compatibility enabled, you can add a hard link (symbolic won’t work):

ln ./bin/wrapper-linux-x86-32 ./bin/wrapper


Eclipse on FreeBSD: can’t start, Java exit code 1

The most useful discussion i’ve found is in the newsgroups.

Jonathan Chen:
Eclipse will only work with the native-jdk. Use your installed
diablo-jdk to build the native-jdk, and then remove the diablo-jdk.

So if you get the Exit code 1 error (which can be given because of many reasons, not only the one discussed here), make sure you have the jdk port installed (jdk16 in my case), then pkg_deinstall or pkg_delete diablo-jdk.

I had to actually deinstall eclipse-devel before I could do that, since eclipse-devel already got a dependency on diablo-jdk.