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Default Firefox UI font too big (using awesome)

As said here, to change the default font of GTK+ applications, edit .gtkrc-2.0 in your home directory and add

gtk-font-name="sans-serif 8"

This was somehow automatically tweaked in Xfce. Some of the options are tweaked by setting values in ~/.config/xfce4/Xft.xrdb, but that’s not it: these values set the same stuff as Xorg’s /usr/local/etc/fonts/local.conf (or default.conf).

Anyway, I think it’s better to use the “native” configuration files and not some differently-formatted override. It’s always a drag when you define some values in one place and then find out they take no effect, because they’re being overriden elsewhere.

Besides, the original configuration files will (by definition) always support all available options, whereas window-manager-specific configuration might not.

Another reason why awesome is more awesome for me than Gnome or even Xfce.


Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird report profile in use

An awesome explanation lies elsewhere.

One reason it may happen (which they don’t mention for the obvious rarity of it) is your drive letter (in Windows, of course) having changed.

That was the case for me after some re-partitioning done.

RSSOwl 1.2.4: use Firefox instead of Mozilla on both FreeBSD and Windows

Setting “Use external Browser” allows using the default browser on Windows, but on FreeBSD, it’ll use Mozilla. Yes, that old one.

You could set the “path to external browser” to fix FreeBSD, but it’ll then break Windows.

The escape from this narrow dilemma, after some simple analysis, must come not from RSSOwl, but from one of the systems.

My solution is to create links on FreeBSD that point to Firefox:

cd /usr/local/bin/
sudo mv mozilla mozilla.orig
sudo ln firefox mozilla
cd /usr/local/lib/firefox
sudo ln firefox-bin mozilla-bin

Make sure not to use ln -s, since you never know what’s in those uninstallation scripts and whether they follow symbolic links. You might just get your Firefox executable removed when uninstalling Mozilla.