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Freenet 0.7 on FreeBSD 7.0

First off, running with Sun’s JDK won’t work. I’ve tried 1.6, 1.5 has also been reported. It doesn’t work, since the process can’t bind to the configured IPs.

You have to run it using Diablo JDK. At the time of writing Diablo JDK 1.6 was already available, yet I used diablo-jdk15 from ports.

If you get an error like

Updating time zones...You have the same version as the embedded one.

when installing, you can try disabling the Timezone Update tool:

sudo make -DWITHOUT_TZUPDATE install

That’s about it. You can run Freenet.

But there’s a catch: to run in the background, Freenet needs a wrapper. There is no wrapper for FreeBSD right now, of which you will be informed upon running freenet/run.sh start. Luckily, if you have Linux compatibility enabled, you can add a hard link (symbolic won’t work):

ln ./bin/wrapper-linux-x86-32 ./bin/wrapper


All torrent downloads corrupted

I tried Transmission, Deluge, Azureus (for a short while, though, nowhere near sufficient), and all the downloads were “corrupted”. They downloaded fine, no error shown in the client, but when I tried to listen to MP3s (all creative-commons, of course) or watch the movies (all public domain, of course), I was getting some jagged up sound or glitches/skips in the video stream.

First I thought libtorrent or something was to blame, or that the clients used don’t implement hashing/checking. Dumped these thoughts really soon.

The answer is simpler: I had the download folder on a FAT32 partition. Moved to UFS – the glitches disappeared.

So, it might be something related to the msdosfs driver, I don’t know.