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Answers and conditions

An answer is the only truly right one when the set of conditions is sufficient. If the set of conditions is insufficient, the set of answers is undefined.


A move to Arch Linux

As if there wasn’t enough changes in my life lately, I’ve switched from FreeBSD to Arch Linux. I did this, since a lot of software is first developed on Linuxes, so that gets the bleeding edge. Such as wireless drivers, window managers, etc..

This wasn’t the only reason, though. I like the strict GPL licence a lot more than the corporate-capitalist-fuck-allowing BSD type. BSD’s not BDSM!..

Anyway, Arch is very much like BSD, the most BSD-like of Linuxes I’ve seen.

Before you start with Arch, get a hold of this: Arch Beginner’s guide.

OMG! IP theft! Where’s RIAA when you need it?!

So I came to work today, and found out I can’t has no internets, because there’s an IP conflict on the net. So I joggled them some and found one that wasn’t taken. Then, I pinged my old IP and looked for (in Windows) who was using it with

arp -a

By that time the other department sysadmin called me and asked if my net worked properly and what my IP was.

So it turned out I actually took his IP while he was on vacation, because our IP lists were, oh, “well documented… in the source code”.

IP theft! I can has it!

Proper tabbing/indentation

Someone’s personal opinion. Hey, that’s right!

Trusted computing will make me distrust my computer

This is old news that got happily shoved away and forgotten. And Atmel’s at the forefront, too, wow. Fuckers.

Time to stop upgrading your hardware and start downgrading.

Time to stop listening to RIAA. That’s right, the RIAA are the authors, not the artists, and they suck. You have been giving them too much free advertising by stealing what they have to sell.

Time to stop downloading shitty movies and finally let Hollywood understand they will get no money in either case. Although if you did download Spiderman more than once, you should go die straight away. That will be more effective.

And Microsoft… Nah, just screw Microsoft. Wipe it off your PC. Just wipe that vomit off of you and try to live along.

On a side note (venting steam)

It’s really a bummer to be sitting this much sober on the night of the last exam of the semester, having done everything I should have had for today.

I don’t mean I should have gotten all drunk and vomited all over the place. But something more entertaining should have taken place. The movies, perhaps, or a good book, or vinyl.

I think I’ll go get some coffee.

Note to self: next time you plan to buy a beer – buy a beer, not some shitty shake, even if it costs less per unit of quantity. I mean, I drank 1,5 L of that stuff, and I feel nothing. It’s like consuming piss, “used and pre-processed for you!..”

For you, not by you. I’d rather D.I.M., really.

Marked socks

As I was sitting and sorting all my black socks so that they match, I thought one of those ubiquitous geekish clothing shops should offer custom-marked socks, just as they offer custom-painted T-shirts. With a different symbol on each pair of socks you would never again have to try and match 17 socks into pairs.

Believe me, that’s a headache, and an awful waste of time.

In case you were wondering – no, one can’t just wear a random pair of socks. We’re geeks, not nerds.

Then, when the sorting was nearing the end, I wondered if we could make a distributed computing project that would group socks. Utilizing a certain neural network, perhaps…

On the other hand, there’s always artsy folk who have one (at least) bottle of paint, one (at least) paintbrush and some (at least) D.I.Y. attitude.