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RSSOwl2 M7 on FreeBSD

I managed to run it from the Eclipse IDE, after installing the java/eclipse-devel port (had to use the -devel, since I needed version at least, as specified on the RSSOwl project page). Then it’s pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions.

I am yet to find out how to build a stand-alone version. Eclipse RCP seems to be relevant.


Feed aggregation: NewsFox plugin

After struggling a while to launch a working RSSOwl 2.0 on my FreeBSD, I was reminded that there’s a whole bunch of browser plug-in readers. I’m using Firefox, and have only checked Sage that far (and a long time ago), so I decided to give it a try again.

As you could expect, Sage was still lacking the features I expected from an RSS reader, among them displaying unread count by feeds/categories, automatic feed aggregation upon clicking a category, etc.. I’m not saying Sage is bad, I’m saying it’s not suitable for me. (That’s why I switched to RSSOwl in the first place.)

Then I tried a bunch of other reader plug-ins. Most of them didn’t have something, too (or maybe I just missed it, the blatant ignorant lazy ass that I am). One of them stood out, though: NewsFox. It has unread counts, aggregation upon clicking a category, per-feed/-category preferences, and even a few whistles, like tag-feeds and date correcting.

There are a few annoying features, too. But I don’t mind suffering them, considering the options of running two different readers on Windows/FreeBSD and having to synchronize them; or using Google Reader and what not – a hu-u-uge hole in privacy.


(Edit: if you came from Google about the gnomebreakpad: the latter is a part of Gnome’s bug-buddy, “a graphical bug reporting utility for GNOME“. In most cases, you can just ignore it.)

I’ve been trying to run the pre-compiled RSSOwl2 M8. All I get is error code 13 from the Java Virtual Machine. (It happens prior to the splash screen showing up.)

I have found out here it is quite a generic error.

The console messages are as follows:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomebreakpad": libgnomebreakpad.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Sun Apr 20 19:32:39 EEST 2008 - [main] Bundle tracker is not set
Sun Apr 20 19:32:39 EEST 2008 - [main] Bundle tracker is not set

I didn’t find where JDK stores its log, nor will I be trying to.

Trying to run pre-compiled Eclipse 3.3.2 (or I forgot) gave the same error, except for the Bundle tracker part. Possibly, installing the eclipse-devel port will fix the problem.

Edit (2008-05-26): it did. By the way, I compiled eclipse-devel from source. Then I just installed RSSOwl 2, as described on their page.