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RSSOwl2 M7 on FreeBSD

I managed to run it from the Eclipse IDE, after installing the java/eclipse-devel port (had to use the -devel, since I needed version at least, as specified on the RSSOwl project page). Then it’s pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions.

I am yet to find out how to build a stand-alone version. Eclipse RCP seems to be relevant.


RSSOwl 1.2.4: use Firefox instead of Mozilla on both FreeBSD and Windows

Setting “Use external Browser” allows using the default browser on Windows, but on FreeBSD, it’ll use Mozilla. Yes, that old one.

You could set the “path to external browser” to fix FreeBSD, but it’ll then break Windows.

The escape from this narrow dilemma, after some simple analysis, must come not from RSSOwl, but from one of the systems.

My solution is to create links on FreeBSD that point to Firefox:

cd /usr/local/bin/
sudo mv mozilla mozilla.orig
sudo ln firefox mozilla
cd /usr/local/lib/firefox
sudo ln firefox-bin mozilla-bin

Make sure not to use ln -s, since you never know what’s in those uninstallation scripts and whether they follow symbolic links. You might just get your Firefox executable removed when uninstalling Mozilla.

Nope, think again

Of course, Newsfox had to freak out on Windows. Switched to RSSOwl version 1. Now that’s supported on both platforms.

I’ve slept 4 hours last night, and it wasn’t the healthiest sleep. Getting up at 7 or so tomorrow to be at an environment-preservation event.

P.S. Nah, I didn’t go. Instead, I’ve finished the portable amplifier box, the microphones, and went out to a festival for field testing.

Feed aggregation: NewsFox plugin

After struggling a while to launch a working RSSOwl 2.0 on my FreeBSD, I was reminded that there’s a whole bunch of browser plug-in readers. I’m using Firefox, and have only checked Sage that far (and a long time ago), so I decided to give it a try again.

As you could expect, Sage was still lacking the features I expected from an RSS reader, among them displaying unread count by feeds/categories, automatic feed aggregation upon clicking a category, etc.. I’m not saying Sage is bad, I’m saying it’s not suitable for me. (That’s why I switched to RSSOwl in the first place.)

Then I tried a bunch of other reader plug-ins. Most of them didn’t have something, too (or maybe I just missed it, the blatant ignorant lazy ass that I am). One of them stood out, though: NewsFox. It has unread counts, aggregation upon clicking a category, per-feed/-category preferences, and even a few whistles, like tag-feeds and date correcting.

There are a few annoying features, too. But I don’t mind suffering them, considering the options of running two different readers on Windows/FreeBSD and having to synchronize them; or using Google Reader and what not – a hu-u-uge hole in privacy.


(Edit: if you came from Google about the gnomebreakpad: the latter is a part of Gnome’s bug-buddy, “a graphical bug reporting utility for GNOME“. In most cases, you can just ignore it.)

I’ve been trying to run the pre-compiled RSSOwl2 M8. All I get is error code 13 from the Java Virtual Machine. (It happens prior to the splash screen showing up.)

I have found out here it is quite a generic error.

The console messages are as follows:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomebreakpad": libgnomebreakpad.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Sun Apr 20 19:32:39 EEST 2008 - [main] Bundle tracker is not set
Sun Apr 20 19:32:39 EEST 2008 - [main] Bundle tracker is not set

I didn’t find where JDK stores its log, nor will I be trying to.

Trying to run pre-compiled Eclipse 3.3.2 (or I forgot) gave the same error, except for the Bundle tracker part. Possibly, installing the eclipse-devel port will fix the problem.

Edit (2008-05-26): it did. By the way, I compiled eclipse-devel from source. Then I just installed RSSOwl 2, as described on their page.