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OMG! IP theft! Where’s RIAA when you need it?!

So I came to work today, and found out I can’t has no internets, because there’s an IP conflict on the net. So I joggled them some and found one that wasn’t taken. Then, I pinged my old IP and looked for (in Windows) who was using it with

arp -a

By that time the other department sysadmin called me and asked if my net worked properly and what my IP was.

So it turned out I actually took his IP while he was on vacation, because our IP lists were, oh, “well documented… in the source code”.

IP theft! I can has it!


Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird report profile in use

An awesome explanation lies elsewhere.

One reason it may happen (which they don’t mention for the obvious rarity of it) is your drive letter (in Windows, of course) having changed.

That was the case for me after some re-partitioning done.

Building my simple BOINC application under Windows

It was developed and tested under FreeBSD. Then I had to compile and build it under Windows.

First I tried Cygwin and failed due to some defenitions missing in Cygwin’s libraries. Or my installed libraries. Heck, it was so many error lines ago, I can’t even remember what it was.

Then I tried Dev-C++. I used the same Cygwin tools, but this time I let Dev-C++ generate a Makefile.win and build from that. First, it found some error in the Makefile (“% missing”). I think I just deleted that line, it was nothing important. Anyway, Cygwin went as far as to the linker stage, at which he couldn’t find the BOINC-specific symols in the supplied libraries.

Of course, the libraries weren’t compiled at that point. So I proceeded to, but that produced some errors, too. After a few hours I gave up.

… Well, not exactly. I went on to “See What the Manual Says!”. It said to build it using MS VC++, Express Edition (which is free).

I downloaded that from my local DC++ network, which was faster.

Also, I installed TortoiseSVN and checked out the BOINC trunks. It was really slow, a tortoise it was, so I copied over the FreeBSD one that was already on the hard drive. Now, adding those files to the local repository was a pain in the ass. Although it turned out I only has to right-click -> TortoiseSVN -> Check for Modifications.

Trying to build the app without the SDK installed yielded no results. No positive results, that is. So I proceeded to download the SDK, as yet again was encouraged in the manual.

Then I ran into a whole heap of linker problems. Jumped aroung with them until 2 past midnight, then remembered my productivity falls dramatically around that period. Went to sleep.

This morning, I understood I should have right-clicked the solution (I added my program to the samples.sln of boinc_samples), checked libboinc and libboincapi as the dependencies for my project. That got rid of boinc-specific symbols not being found. (libboinc and libboincapi were compiled and linked by then.)

Then there were other linker problems: msvcrt.lib (MSVCR80.DLL) had a conflict with one of libboinc.lib’s .objs, and it was turning into a bloody mess.

Guess what? I read the manual.

After that, I changed the /MD option specified to the C/C++ compiler to /MT – link the static multithreading library instead of the dynamic (DLL) one.

Now, a few last words. This would have all lasted for 4 hours instead of 14 if I just sat down and followed the instructions. These hours would be mostly waiting for things to download or compile, and that means I could’ve been doing something else. Which brings us to one conclusion, boys’n’girls:

Nope, think again

Of course, Newsfox had to freak out on Windows. Switched to RSSOwl version 1. Now that’s supported on both platforms.

I’ve slept 4 hours last night, and it wasn’t the healthiest sleep. Getting up at 7 or so tomorrow to be at an environment-preservation event.

P.S. Nah, I didn’t go. Instead, I’ve finished the portable amplifier box, the microphones, and went out to a festival for field testing.

ASIO4ALL and Realtek HD Audio

I was ripping a few vinyls this morning (using Wind0ws and Cool Edit), and couldn’t figure out why the output was so bad. It was all muddy, the highs were dull and sounded like they were cut off. Overall, it looked like a sampling problem.

I tried different settings for ASIO4ALL, tried installing new audio drivers… Nothing helped.

Then I opened Realtek’s HD sound effect manager. There were no effects set, that I had checked before. What I didn’t check was the “Microphone” tab. It had “Noise Suppression” switched on.

And I wasted an hour trying to figure that out. What a piece of shitty software.

P.S. In case you’re having the same problem, a good indication that “Noise Suppression” is on is that when recording a stereo signal you get mono.