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‘geode’ video driver for OLPC, ArchLinux

Compiling geode from CVS – had configure fail with

XORG_RELEASE_VERSION: command not found

Was lacking xorg-util-macros package.


Xorg: multiple languages (layouts)

In /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "Keyboard0"
Driver "kbd"
Option "XKbLayout" "us,ru,lt"
Option "XKbOptions" "grp:alt_shift_toggle"

Note it’s “us”, not “en”!

Default Firefox UI font too big (using awesome)

As said here, to change the default font of GTK+ applications, edit .gtkrc-2.0 in your home directory and add

gtk-font-name="sans-serif 8"

This was somehow automatically tweaked in Xfce. Some of the options are tweaked by setting values in ~/.config/xfce4/Xft.xrdb, but that’s not it: these values set the same stuff as Xorg’s /usr/local/etc/fonts/local.conf (or default.conf).

Anyway, I think it’s better to use the “native” configuration files and not some differently-formatted override. It’s always a drag when you define some values in one place and then find out they take no effect, because they’re being overriden elsewhere.

Besides, the original configuration files will (by definition) always support all available options, whereas window-manager-specific configuration might not.

Another reason why awesome is more awesome for me than Gnome or even Xfce.

Disabling the xterm beep (bell)

Here’s a great article. According to it, I just added

exec xset -b &

to .xinitrc and

set nobeep

to .cshrc.

It’s awesome!

I think I’ll be using awesome from now on. It might take some time moving all my settings from Xfce; but probably not, considering how fast I’ve found the settings I had in Gnome “pretty much irrelevant”.

One of the issues was flipping back to good old XTerm. This thread on Ubuntu forums was helpful.

Oh, and I had to add

/usr/local/bin/xrdb /home/cy/.Xresources &

to ~/.xinitrc. Note the & in the end, otherwise you’ll get some errors from Xorg, which isn’t able to start up for obvious reasons then.