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How to determine raw (unmounted) disk file system type

sudo fdisk -ls


‘geode’ video driver for OLPC, ArchLinux

Compiling geode from CVS – had configure fail with

XORG_RELEASE_VERSION: command not found

Was lacking xorg-util-macros package.

Trusted computing will make me distrust my computer

This is old news that got happily shoved away and forgotten. And Atmel’s at the forefront, too, wow. Fuckers.

Time to stop upgrading your hardware and start downgrading.

Time to stop listening to RIAA. That’s right, the RIAA are the authors, not the artists, and they suck. You have been giving them too much free advertising by stealing what they have to sell.

Time to stop downloading shitty movies and finally let Hollywood understand they will get no money in either case. Although if you did download Spiderman more than once, you should go die straight away. That will be more effective.

And Microsoft… Nah, just screw Microsoft. Wipe it off your PC. Just wipe that vomit off of you and try to live along.