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wpi-monitor: simple script to keep the wireless link up

I’m using a rum device in Host AP mode, so every time I try to send a large file or open many connections, the wireless link breaks down (gets “no carrier” instead of “associated”). To get it back up, I have to pull the interface on the station computer (wpi) down and then back up.

To automate the process, I’ve written this simple script. To be run with root/operator permissions.

# Stop wpi from falling off.

if=wpi0 # interface name

while true
        # see if it has "no carrier" status, by looking for "no"
        status=`ifconfig $if | grep status | cut -d ":" -f 2 | cut -d " " -f 2`

        # bourne shell string comparison... you can has it
        if [ "$status" = "no" ] ; then
                ifconfig $if down
                ifconfig $if up
#               echo down
#               echo up

        sleep 1

DWA-110 on FreeBSD: if_rum additions

It works. I’m using the rum driver for Host AP mode, so it actually sucks being me. Fact is, device is supported. I did get WPA2 up, following the Handbook.


product DLINK2 DWA110 0x3c07 DWA-110

to usbdevs and


to if_rum.c.

D-Link DWA-110 chip

I’ve opened up my DWA-110, it has a RT2571WF (Ralink) chip inside. Which gives us the RT5201USB chipset, according to this page and man rum.

By the way, I see the DWA-111 device ID having been added to the FreeBSD 7 CVS (rum driver). I’m pretty sure DWA-110 is supported, too. There’s an appropriate gap in the device ID list. (Can’t check it right now, since in Windows.)