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PHP doesn’t execute scripts

Neither using CLI (with -f or a shebang) nor through Apache.

It was just dumping the script to stdout, and that means short PHP tags (<? ... ?>) are disabled. Nothing serious, fixed in php.ini.

But then it just did nothing. No output, no errors, no warnings. Turned out this particular version of PHP can’t read DOS-formatted text files. To change them to Unix, in vim:

:set ff-unix

This happened after I flipped from FreeBSD to Arch Linux.


vim: port installation defaults

Not to forget:

cd /usr/ports/editors/vim
sudo make -D WITHOUT_X11
sudo make install -D WITHOUT_X11

Otherwise, it installs GTK 1.2.

vim: go to …


will go to line 47.


will go 3 lines further.

:go[to] 53

will go to character 53.

25h in vim and no cursor

Obviously from the code, it’s a piece of a terminal color sequence. I also got that idea because somewhere while working on the terminal (probably in vim also), I got an error message that “[[” should be used differently, or something like that.

Just like said elsewhere, if you get this error, you probably have something misconfigured somewhere. In my case, it was

setenv TERM xterm

in my .cshrc file.

I don’t know how it got there. No, seriously. There’s probably a hacker in my box.