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Eclipse on FreeBSD: can’t start, Java exit code 1

The most useful discussion i’ve found is in the newsgroups.

Jonathan Chen:
Eclipse will only work with the native-jdk. Use your installed
diablo-jdk to build the native-jdk, and then remove the diablo-jdk.

So if you get the Exit code 1 error (which can be given because of many reasons, not only the one discussed here), make sure you have the jdk port installed (jdk16 in my case), then pkg_deinstall or pkg_delete diablo-jdk.

I had to actually deinstall eclipse-devel before I could do that, since eclipse-devel already got a dependency on diablo-jdk.

Running EclipseTrader on FreeBSD

Both EclipseTrader websites seem to be somewhat laking in documentation, so it was kind of hard. There’re no directions as to how to install ET like RSSOwl have, and with all the various ways to create an Eclipse project, you’re kind of left in the dark. Anyway, to the point.

First, I had the Eclipse IDE (eclipse-devel port) installed. Then, I made sure I had a clean open perspective. I then even restarted the IDE and checked the Plug-ins (Window -> Show View… -> Other… -> PDE -> Plug-ins) had no errors or what not.

Then just:

File -> Import… -> Existing projects into workspace -> From project archive file…

And that’s it. Just build it (if you have “Build automatically” set, “Build” will be grayed out), then run it:

Run -> Open run dialog…


  1. Run a product: net.sourceforge.eclipsetrader.product
  2. Plug-ins tab:
  • Check “Workspace”
  • Uncheck “Target platform”
  • Click “Add Required Plug-ins”

Apply, run.

Now, this might seem really simple, but without any instructions, it’s somewhat of a hell if you installed Eclipse yesterday. I was getting all sorts of funky errors, like net.sourceforge.eclipsetrader.yahoo not being able to initialize its Feed and HistoryFeed classes when trying to load a chart, etc..


An alternative way would be to check out from SVN. (You’ll need subclipse to use that from Eclipse IDE.) See this message in the forum for instructions, and the reply to it for the SVN address.

RSSOwl2 M7 on FreeBSD

I managed to run it from the Eclipse IDE, after installing the java/eclipse-devel port (had to use the -devel, since I needed version at least, as specified on the RSSOwl project page). Then it’s pretty straightforward, just follow the instructions.

I am yet to find out how to build a stand-alone version. Eclipse RCP seems to be relevant.


(Edit: if you came from Google about the gnomebreakpad: the latter is a part of Gnome’s bug-buddy, “a graphical bug reporting utility for GNOME“. In most cases, you can just ignore it.)

I’ve been trying to run the pre-compiled RSSOwl2 M8. All I get is error code 13 from the Java Virtual Machine. (It happens prior to the splash screen showing up.)

I have found out here it is quite a generic error.

The console messages are as follows:

Gtk-Message: Failed to load module "gnomebreakpad": libgnomebreakpad.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Sun Apr 20 19:32:39 EEST 2008 - [main] Bundle tracker is not set
Sun Apr 20 19:32:39 EEST 2008 - [main] Bundle tracker is not set

I didn’t find where JDK stores its log, nor will I be trying to.

Trying to run pre-compiled Eclipse 3.3.2 (or I forgot) gave the same error, except for the Bundle tracker part. Possibly, installing the eclipse-devel port will fix the problem.

Edit (2008-05-26): it did. By the way, I compiled eclipse-devel from source. Then I just installed RSSOwl 2, as described on their page.